Gray Ratsnakes

Murphys Point is home to the Gray Ratsnake (also known as the Black Ratsnake) and has made great efforts to conserve its population. The Friends are on board with efforts to protect this harmless constrictor, which is classified as a threatened species. In 2013 and 2014, the Friends received a grant from the Species at Risk Stewardship Fund for the project “Gray Ratsnake Stewardship and Population Monitoring on the Frontenac Arch,” which has allowed researchers to evaluate 30 years of collected data and determine future research needs, including a radio telemetry study in the 2014 season.

Education: The Friends created a new Gray Ratsnake blog – a site devoted to answering questions and promoting local conservation efforts for this species at risk in Ontario. Learn about the snake and ask questions! There is also a wonderful new display in the Visitor Centre at the park.

Cool Social Media Stuff: In addition to the blog, watch for snake-related posts on Facebook and Twitter (the Friends sites and the Park’s).







Adopt a Snake: Ongoing fundraising efforts have assisted with monitoring and education about this threatened species. By contributing at least $25, you can be recognized in donor signage at the Visitor Centre at Murphys Point Provincial Park as well as on the Gray Ratsnake blog, as well as receiving a tax receipt. By “adopting a snake,” contributors help to offset the costs of population monitoring, which involves inserting a tiny microchip under a snake’s skin, and educational programming to help raise awareness about the snakes.

To make a donation, click here.