PROGRAMS THIS WEEK Thursday, Aug. 16 – Wed., Aug. 22

Thursday, August 16

11am Kids Program

loon in MPP

Loon in MPP


Why are loons such excellent divers? What are they saying when they call out in the middle of the night? Was that a loon or a loon imposter? Meet Ian and Erin at the Main Beach for this 30-45 minute, interactive program, designed for kids ages 7-12.

8pm Nature Show

Image“Creatures of the Sun”

Common, familiar and well-loved by many, the Painted Turtle may be running out of time to bask in the sun. Join Alida at the Amphitheatre for a short slide talk and 20-minute film about Murphys Point’s most commonly-seen turtle and find out what you can do to help preserve these ancient reptiles.

Friday, August 17

10 a.m. Silver Queen Mine Hike
Mica Mine signage11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

SILVER QUEEN MINE HIKES: Meet at the Lally Homestead parking lot for this 1 – 1 ½ hour guided tour down the trail and into an abandoned mica mine. Hardhats supplied!


Saturday, August 18

10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Family Tackleshare Program

Meet at the Amphitheatre at 10 a.m. sharp for an interactive program on fish, how to catch them, invasive species and more! Then, wander down to the Main Beach with the experts to try your hand at fishing with equipment provided by the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters. NOTE: ADULTS REQUIRE A VALID FISHING LICENSE to fish (children under 18 do not!).

8 p.m. Nature Show

“Serpents in the Neighbourhood”

They’re big, creepy and dangerous…right? Sharing space with Gray Ratsnakes may not seem too appealing at first. Alida’s at the Amphitheatre, equipped with slides, video, and a special guest to help you get to know and look out for your serpentine neighbours.

Sunday, August 19

10 a.m. Silver Queen Mine Hike


Voyageur Canoe Tours

Voyageur Canoe at the Main Beach

Voyageur Canoe at the Main Beach, your seat is waiting for you!

Get your tickets for this 1 – 1 ½ hour paddle on Hogg Bay in a 34-foot, 18-seater, replica voyageur canoe, lead by Park Interpreters and guides from the Rideau Roundtable. Limited tickets are available ($3 each, family of 4 for $10) on Sunday morning at the main beach or in advance at the Visitor Centre. Canoes depart from the Main Beach.

Monday, August 20

11am – Noon Drop-in Prop Talk

“The Aliens Amongst Us”

What beastly animals and out-of-control plants are taking over our ecosystems as we know them? Stop by the Park Store sometime between 11 a.m. – noon to chat with Brock (who is neither a beast nor an alien), and to meet his special Crayfish friend, ‘Pinchy’ (who is probably a bit of both).

Tuesday, August 21

Don’t forget to check out the live Gray Ratsnake demonstration at 2 p.m. at the Visitor Centre.

Wednesday, August 22

10 a.m. Silver Queen Mine Hike


8 p.m. Nature Show

“Animal Ambassadors”

If it weren’t for the rocks in the ground, life wouldn’t be what it is here at Murphys! Alida and Ian will take you on a virtual tour of the geology, lakes, creeks, wetlands and forests of the Frontenac Arch while four animals campaign for the title of “Animal Ambassador” at the Amphitheatre.

VISITOR CENTRE open everyday 1-4 p.m.!


Ratsnake in the Visitor Centre

Drop by the Visitor Centre, across from the Park Store, any day between 1-4 p.m. to see displays about the park’s nature and cultural heritage. Check out our live Ratsnake display. The snake comes out everyday at 2 p.m. for a short demonstration.

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All photos courtesy © Jennifer Jilks, 2012.

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