Join the Friends for a Geology Tour at AGM

Did you know there is a veritable treasure trove of geological wonders right in downtown Perth? Learn all about it with the Friends of Murphys Point on Sunday, April 21.

Check out the Perth Museum (11 Gore St. E.), between 4 and 5 p.m., where you can explore the new geology display featuring specimens from the collection of renowned amateur geologist Dr. James Wilson, from the mid-1800s. Dr. Wilson is credited with discovering Perthite and Wilsonite. You can also see the beautiful jewellery creations of local artisan Stephen Clark.

Following a brief annual general meeting for the Friends of Murphys Point at 5 p.m., the geology tour continues with a walkabout to the Crystal Palace/Tay Basin with Dr. Allan Donaldson, a retired professor of Earth Sciences, Carleton University, and chair of Friends of Canadian Geoheritage.

Dr. Donaldson will introduce you to an outdoor geology museum with his tour called “The Geological Landscape of Perth, Canada.” His presentation promotes the Ontario’s Highlands Tourism Organization’s self-guided tour of Civitan Court at the Crystal Palace, called “Introduction to the Geodiversity of Perth.” Examine the landscaping and rock specimens at the Crystal Palace and learn about the relationship between the people who settled this area and the local geology that influenced their lives. In the event of bad weather, Dr. Donaldson will present a slide show and samples at the museum.


“Geology plays such an important role in the interpretation programs at Murphys Point that we thought this would be a fitting tribute to this aspect of natural and cultural history,” said Cindy Deachman, Friends president. “It’s also a great chance for people to come and learn something about the Friends and our programs while experiencing a neat feature in downtown Perth.”

The Friends formed as a registered charity in 1995 and offers many and varied programs that are managed by a volunteer Board of Directors representative of the community. Programming is developed and carried out by dedicated volunteers on a year-round basis to meet the organization’s mandate to enhance the natural and cultural resources of Murphys Point Provincial Park, just 20 minutes from downtown Perth.

Members and non-members are welcome to attend. Memberships will be available prior to the meeting (and online) for those interested. The event is free, but donations are welcome.

“Part of the AGM will include an election of directors and an overview of some of our interesting volunteer opportunities,” Ms. Deachman added. “Anyone who is interested in learning more about being a director or volunteer is encouraged to contact us.”

For more information about the Friends, peruse this website, contact Cindy Deachman at 613-267-5385 or e-mail

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