Inaugural Murphys Mica Fun Run a Great Success!

Thanks and congratulations to everyone who came out in frosty conditions to support the Friends of Murphys Point in our first annual Murphys Mica Fun Run! We had a great turnout and lots of positive feedback about the event. Our runners and walkers found the route to be quite lovely as it meandered through the campgrounds, roads and trails. Big thanks to all of our volunteers and the park staff, as well as our sponsors: Barnabe’s, The Cove Restaurant, and the Westport Bamboo Company. Thanks also to the support and advice offered by the good folks at The Running Goat in Perth.

Here are the race results:

Drew Lampman, 21:11
Ken Bond, 21:11.2
Patrick McFadden, 23:19
Terry Stewart, 23:36
Dan Kirkham, 28:08
Zoe Strachan, 28:46
Chris Lucas 29:18
Jeff Nault, 32:43
Stephanie Brousseau, 34:43
Dale Manson, 35:15
Julianne Payne, 35:42
Patty Proulx, 39:06
Lola Kirkham, 40:26
Fern Bond, 41:14
Pam Fergusson, 43:23
Mary Stewart, 43:24
Janice Herwig, 46:33
Sam Kiramathypathy, 50:00
Justine Payne, 50:02
Dave Payne, 50:02
Lori-Anne Bond, 55:36
Holly Bond, 55:40

Top Male over 40: Drew Lampman
Top Female over 40: Patti Proulx
Top Male 13-40: Pat McFadden
Top Female 13-40: Stephanie Brousseau
Top Male under 13: Dale Manson
Top Female under 13: Zoe Strachan

Overall winner: Drew Lampman

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