Species of the Week: The Blanding’s Turtle

IMG_5020Our species this week is quite recognizable. Sporting a yellow chin and neck, the Blanding’s Turtle is easily identified — however, they are rarely seen. In fact, Blanding’s Turtles spend most of their time underwater and out of sight. Fittingly, it was a thrill to find this turtle near a wetland at the entrance to Fallows Campground earlier this summer! Their habitat ranges from shallow lakes and marshes to streams, and rivers, sometimes extending three kilometres between their summer, winter, and nesting sites. Since Murphys Point hosts a diverse network of wetland environments, it is the perfect home for Blanding’s Turtles. Hopefully, you get the chance to admire a Blanding’s Turtle up close, maybe while helping it to cross the road safely. Who knows, you might even be lucky enough to stumble upon a Blanding’s Turtle nesting site, like our Store Clerk who sees the same female laying eggs each Spring! Interestingly, Blanding’s Turtles do not usually lay eggs until they reach 20-25 years of age, often breeding for the rest of their lifetime — which can be over 75 years!

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