Species of the Week: The Red Fox

Photo by Murphys Point PP

Our #SpeciesOfTheWeek this week is the Red Fox. Interestingly enough, its scientific name (Vulpes vulpes) actually translates to “fox fox”. A masterful predator, the Red Fox’s agility allows it to reach speeds of nearly 50 kilometres an hour and leap over obstacles as high as 2 metres. This could explain why these beautifully coloured animals have such striking features without a need to camouflage. The Red Fox is also a very clever animal. Unlike other mammals, it can hear low-frequency sounds very well, allowing it to hear the squeal of a mouse almost 150 yards away. When it detects a mouse, it will watch and listen intently while remaining motionless, to determine its exact location. Once located, the fox will leap up in the air and dive straight down to pin the mouse to the ground. Aside from mice, the Red Fox will eat whatever else is available but typically prefers small rodents. For this reason, they generally prefer to live in meadows and other open areas but will burrow in mountain slopes to escape bad weather. Since they are nocturnal creatures, the Red Fox is not commonly seen here in the park, but may be heard yipping at night. Have you ever heard one at night while camping here at the park?

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