Species of the Week: The Northern Ribbon Snake

Photo by Nata Culhane

Our #SpeciesOfTheWeek is the Northern Ribbon Snake. Often found near marshes, lakes, and ponds, the Northern Ribbon Snake is frequently spotted here at Murphys Point near the Park Store on the shores of Loon Lake. It makes sense that we should find Ribbon Snakes along the water’s edge in this particular spot, since their scientific name (Thamnophis) is derived from the Greek thamnos (shrub or bush) and ophis (snake), and there are plenty of shrubs in this area including Juniper Bushes. Sometimes mistaken for various species of Garter Snakes, the Northern Ribbon Snake is distinguishable by its slender build, its whitish crescent-shaped markings in front of large eyes, and the ‘clean’ look of its striping — colourations that look as though they had been painted onto the snake. This individual was sighted behind the Park Store at Murphys Point.

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