Species of the Week: Chicken of the Woods

Our #SpeciesOfTheWeek is Chicken of the Woods (Laetiporus sulphureus). Sometimes called the chicken polypore, their scientific name translates to “with bright pores” (Laetiporus) and “the colour of sulphur” (sulphureus). Identifying mushrooms can be a difficult task, but this is arguably one of the easier ones to identify! This mushroom is recognized for its large, overlapping, fan-shaped shelves, and sulphur-yellow to bright orange colour. As they age, these mushrooms fade to a tan or whitish colour. Named after its taste, many people think this mushroom tastes like chicken and has a similar meaty texture. Others think it tastes like crab or lobster, earning it the nickname “Lobster of the Woods”. This species typically fruits from late summer into the fall and is often found on hardwood and conifer trees. Have you ever spotted this bright mushroom on the trails here at Murphys Point?

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