Species of the Week: The Common Whitetail

Photo by Murphys Point PP

It’s time for another #SpeciesOfTheWeek posting, and another discussion of the extraordinary nature of dragonflies – specifically, the Common Whitetail (Plathemis lydia). This photo is of a mature male Common Whitetail, easily recognized by the thick, white abdomen (tail). The colouration is actually the result of ‘pruinosity.’, a waxy substance that male Common Whitetails use as a territorial threat. Other dragonflies and damselflies use pruinosity as a way to identify each other. Juvenile males and mature females do not develop pruinosity – identifying adult male Common Whitetails is, therefore, a cinch. With a flight period that lasts from early June until late August, Common Whitetails are often seen by campers and visitors to the park. 

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