Name Our Ratsnake!

Cast your vote in the Visitor Centre at Murphys Point!

The captive Gray Ratsnake housed at the Visitor Centre at Murphys Point has been educating and delighting park visitors for years, but he’s never been given a name!

We invite YOU to help name him! By the end of the season, the name that has accumulated the most money will be awarded to the snake. Proceeds go to the Friends of Murphys Point Park in support of Gray Ratsnake monitoring and education in the park.

A shortlist of 12 names has been pared down to these four:

Sleepy John (apparently a common name for Black Ratsnakes in the South)
Mica (both found at Murphys Point; both black and shiny)
Gabe (after ratsnake scientist Gabriel Blouin-Demers – who is also in the Friends’ ratsnake video)
Murph (since Murphys Point is one of the last protected areas for ratsnakes in Ontario)

Get in on the fun and cast your vote! Drop by the Visitor Centre, across from the Park Store, any day between 1 and 4 p.m. to see displays about the park’s nature and cultural heritage. Check out our live Ratsnake display. The snake comes out everyday at 2 p.m. for a short demonstration.

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