We Built It!

Partners in the “Help Us Build a Bridge Bash” came together to mark the official opening of the new bridge over Black Creek on the McParlan House Trail on June 24. The Friends of Murphys Point Park, Tay Valley Cross-Country Ski Club and Rideau Trail Association Central Club raised more than $10,000 with a dinner/dance and silent auction in April 2011 to go towards the replacement of the bridge that was washed out in spring flooding a few years ago. This represented nearly one-third of the funds Ontario Parks needed to rebuild!

Superintendent Curtis Thompson and Friends President Cindy Deachman greet members of partnering organizations involved with rebuilding the bridge at the official opening.

The trail is a part of the Rideau Trail system that stretches from Ottawa to Kingston. It also is an important portion of the ski trails used each winter at the park and a vital link in the park’s overall summer trail system as it passes through the heritage McParlan House site, the location of the student Archaeo Apprentice program run by the Friends of Murphys Point.

Visitors make their way across the bridge toward McParlan House.

Congratulations and thanks to all involved in the bridge project. Great job!

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