Species of the Week: The Halloween Pennant

Photo by Nata Culhane

As a dragonfly, rather than a damselfly, the Halloween Pennant (Celithemis eponina) belongs to the suborder Anisoptera. Most dragonflies have uncoloured wings but the Halloween Pennants’ wings are tinted orange with brown markings. Their abdomen (tail) is black with orangey-red elongated spots. Halloween Pennants, like many Skimmers, are “perchers” — they spend a lot of time looking for prey from a flower, twig, or rock perch. Skimmers are usually found near calm water, therefore it’s no wonder that we often find them near the Main Beach, on Hogg Bay. As far as dragonfly identification in the field is concerned, skimmers, especially Halloween Pennants, are among the easiest, only to be confused with Calico Pennants. Leave us a comment about another species that you’ve seen at Murphys Point that could also be named for a holiday! 

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