Species of the Week: The Eastern Musk Turtle

Photo by Nata Culhane

This week’s #SpeciesOfTheWeek is the Eastern Musk Turtle (Sternotherus odoratus). Also known as the Stinkpot, it produces a musky odour when disturbed. This species is one of the world’s smallest turtles and is seldom seen due to its shy nature. Additionally, it spends a lot of time hanging around the bottom of different wetlands – the muddier, the better. In fact, musk turtles rarely swim, despite being good swimmers. As carnivores, they eat a variety of critters such as minnows, tadpoles, fish eggs, and small invertebrates found on the bottom of lakes and other bodies of water. Since the Eastern Musk Turtle is considered a Species at Risk in Ontario, it is important to remember to watch out for them, as well as other wildlife, when driving the winding road to Murphys Point. Have you ever been lucky enough to spot one of these turtles?

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