Species of the Week: The Coyote

Photo by Simon Lunn

Our #SpeciesOfTheWeek is the Coyote (Canis latrans), one of seven members of the Canidae family. This canine has exceptional senses – a sudden noise or scent can make it change its course mid-step. They also have very powerful legs which allow them to reach running speeds of up to 64 km per hour! Their swiftness not only helps them to escape from hunters but also makes them excellent hunters themselves. Coyotes are primarily meat-eaters and enjoy a good meal of rabbits, hares, deer, and domestic livestock when available. However, they will also eat berries, fruits, and insects. They are what is known as an opportunistic feeder and will adjust their diet according to what sources are available. Coyotes are primarily nocturnal creatures whose yips and howls can be heard from the campgrounds here at night. Coyote scat has also been found on the main road of Murphys Point, which points to coyotes using it as a movement corridor. The individual pictured here was sighted on Scotch Line Road, not far from the park! Have you ever heard coyotes here in the campgrounds?

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