Species of the Week: Eastern White Pine

Photo by Murphys Point PP

This week’s #SpeciesOfTheWeek is Ontario’s provincial tree, the Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus). This is the tallest tree we have in Eastern Canada! The tallest White Pine is a whopping 47 meters tall and it is located close to Ottawa. The easiest way to identify a White Pine is by counting the needles in a bundle. There are 5 needles in a bundle just like there are 5 letters in the word white! They are the only pines with 5 needles that are native to Eastern North America. The bark of White Pines is smooth and gray when young, gradually developing broad furrowed ridges as it matures. White Pines are important wildlife trees. They provide food and shelter for many animals like porcupines, squirrels, owls, hawks and deer. Their soaring height also makes them ideal places for birds like Red-tailed Hawks to nest. White Pine needles are much softer than other pines so the next time you see one, try running your hand across them! If the needles are too high to touch, you can marvel at the size of the tree and give it a big hug!

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