Species of the Week: The Wood Duck

This week we turn our attention to arguably one of the most stunning waterfowl, the Wood Duck (Aix sponsa). The adult males have iridescent chestnut and green plumage, with intricate patterns on each feather. The females are less colourful but nonetheless elegant with their warm brown plumage and delicate white marking around the eye. Wood Ducks pair up for mating in January and are capable of producing two broods in one year – the only North American duck that can do so! They typically nest in tree cavities near the water but will also take advantage of nesting boxes in wetlands due to the scarcity of natural cavities. However, if nesting boxes are too close in proximity, females may lay eggs in the nests of other females, resulting in nests of up to 30 eggs and unsuccessful incubation. Wood Ducks are year-round residents in the southern parts of their range, and have been spotted here at Murphys Point along Black Creek and Round Lake. Be sure to keep an eye out for these gorgeous ducks as they return for their breeding season!

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